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All the main Maxi items in one pack!

Contains: All 22 Maxi Pegboards - Elephant, Dog, Duck, Teddy Bear, Car, Heart, Girl, Boy, Whale, Turtle, Monkey, Ship, Square, Dinosaur, Aeroplane, Truck, Butterfly, Clown, Round, Rocking Horse, Star, Princess. All Maxi Designs - Book 9, Storybook, Pack of 10 Design Sheets. All Maxi Bead Colours in Mixed Bags of 500: 3x Solid, 3x Pastel, 1x Neon, 1x Summer. Also includes 2x Maxi Bead Supports, Ironing Paper and Instructions.

Suitable for groups of young children and ideal for pre-school, childminders and other young children's groups.

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