Mini Beads - The Lot!

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A discount box containing a pack of 2,000 Mini Hama Beads in each of the 47 regular colours: White, Cream, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Navy, Blue, Green, Mint, Cocoa, Translucent Red, Translucent Yellow, Translucent Blue, Translucent Green, Grey, Black, Clear, Chestnut, Caramel, Ruby, Translucent Purple, Blush, Beige, Khaki, Claret, Burgundy, Teal, Neon Pink, Cerise, Neon Yellow, Neon Red, Neon Blue, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Flourescent Green, Lemon, Coral, Lilac, Aqua, Lime, Rose Pink, Turquoise, Mustard, Light Grey and Dark Grey.

Mini Beads have a 2.5mm diameter and are half the size of "regular" Midi Beads.

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